Does Dr Ho’s Circulation Promoter Work? Here is What I Found Out.

I’m sure you have at least heard the name Dr. Ho, but are you familiar with his Circulation Promoter. This is one product I just couldn’t wait to try, luckily my father-in-law owns one, so I asked a bunch of question and tried it out for myself. I did some research in order to determine whether or not this device could help relieve fibromyalgia symptoms, and if it’s worth the price. Well… does Dr, Ho’s Circulation Promoter work? This is what I found out.

First, who is Dr. Ho?

Dr. Michael Ho studied pre-med at the university of Calgary then went on to study at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College to become a chiropractor. He also has knowledge about nutrition, exercise and acupuncture. But Dr. Ho’s main focus has always been treating those who suffered with chronic pain, including those with fibromyalgia related pain, in an effort to help them lead a pain free life.

Within 5 to 10 years of his practice, word was already spreading about the effectiveness of Dr. Ho’s therapies and people started coming from around the world to visit his clinic. Dr. Ho then began to produce products to help eliminate pain that people could use in their own home rather than having to go to the clinic.

Dr. Ho believes in treating pain by first identifying its root cause. His goal was to create products that worked faster and that were more effective than anything else currently on the market or what he had access to in his practice. Dr. Ho has said that the body is an incredible machine and that under the right conditions, can restore itself to health without invasive interventions or harmful chemicals.

What is this device and how does it work?

In order to fully understand if and how this device can help, I had to first learn what it was, including a bit about the technology behind it. The Circulation Promoter is a circular device on which you place booth feet. It uses TENS therapy, Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) and Pulse Massage to stimulate nerves and massage muscles.

Do your feet often become cold, cramped, achy or swollen? If so, this can be due to poor circulation. By stimulating the feet and lower limbs, the Circulation Promoter helps prevent the buildup of fluid and increases blood flow. The Circulation Promoter can help increase circulation in the entire body as well, which can help alleviate the following symptoms:

– Joint pain

– Back pain

– Head aches & migraines

– Nerve pain and numbness

– Neck pain

– Shoulder pain

– Trouble sleeping

Who is this device for?

Anyone afflicted with pain can benefit from the use of this machine. Those whom I believe would be best suited for Dr. Ho’s Circulation Promoter are people who suffer from:

– Fibromyalgia

– Lower limb pain

– Poor circulation

– Diabetics

– Sciatica

– Nerve damage

– Foot pain

How can it help with fibromyalgia?

Dr. Ho has stated that fibromyalgia is not a disease, but rather a dysfunction of the muscles, the soft tissue and of the nerves. He goes on to say that if you can relax the nerves and improve blood circulation, you may relieve the pain and live a much better life.

One of the biggest problems with fibromyalgia sufferers is a lack of exercise; most people with fibromyalgia find it hard and sometimes very painful to exercise. Dr. Ho recommends light exercise or even a bit of daily stretching. This should be accompanied with a diet high in green leafy vegetables and fruits and avoiding foods that cause inflammation.

He also recommends TENS therapy to relax sore stiff muscles, improve circulation of blood and relieve pain. This device is best used before bed to obtain a better sleep. By improving the quality and duration of your sleep, you are also allowing your body to naturally restore itself. It may also be helpful to try other natural therapies, such as acupuncture, chiropractic care and massage therapy.

How much does the unit cost?

Dr. Ho offers 3 different packages (Basic, Deluxe and Ultimate) at 3 different price points. You can choose the one that best meets your individual needs and budget. The Basic Package is the first package ( the as seen on TV package) and costs $199.96, It offers:

• Circulation Promoter

• 4 Regular Body Pads

• 2 Large Body Pads

• Circulation Promoting Foot Massage Pads

• Travel Bag

• Instructional DVD

The Deluxe Package. The second package sells for $249.96 and comes with:

• Everything in the Basic Package +

• 16 Additional Regular Body Pads

• 4 Additional Large Body Pads

The Ultimate Package. The third package boasts the most bang for your buck and is priced at $329.96. Here is a breakdown of what you will receive:

• Everything in Deluxe Package +

• DR-HO’S Pain Therapy Back Relief Belt (adjustable from 25 to 52″)

• DR-HO’S Therapy & Support Band

• DR-HO’S Pain Relief Spray

All prices are in Canadian dollars. All Dr. Ho products are backed by a 90-day money back guarantee, if for whatever reason you’re not 100% satisfied with the Circulation Promoter, you can return it for your money back, less shipping and handling.

How I felt after using this product.

The Circulation Promoter helped my sore feet and knees.

You can definitely feel it work! Personally, I noticed a difference right away, I know that everyone is different, but I was pleasantly surprised by the results. My 83-year-old father-in-law, who is a diabetic, has been using it for quite a number of months now and says It works for him as well. I believe the more you use the device, the better you will feel.

I love the feeling afterward; I can feel it throughout my whole body, but especially in my tired feet and sore knees. I’ve suffered several knee injuries in the past and this seems to help; in fact, I’m going to be purchasing my own very soon. I also appreciate the fact that it is portable and not much set up is required; you simply put your feet on the device and turn it on. The price is also really reasonable compared to the cost of many other inferior products on the market.

Last thoughts.

I honestly like what Dr. Ho stands for and appreciate products that are a safer and more effective alternatives to drugs. I would definitely recommend Dr. Ho’s Circulation Promoter to anyone looking to lessen or even eliminate pain, help with circulation and improve the overall quality of their life.

For more information on the Circulation Promoter or other Dr. Ho products, you can visit the website by clicking here. Thank you for taking the time to look over this review article, I hope you have found it helpful. Please leave us some comments below. Take care!

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